Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Swap and Declutter

Oh my so many swaps happening this month! I hope to have posted out the last of the swap items this week.
1. Rainbow Charm Swap - 10 FQs of yellow 
thanks to Marieka (2), Elaine (1), Sarah (1), Lauren (1), Lara (5), and Me (1)
2. Vintage Fat Quarter Swap - these are going to Jane of 'Where Jane Creates.'
Handmade Secret Santa
3. Handmade Secret Santa - to my mystery swap partner . I am not very familiar with her so I hope  that it is well received.

Fabric Received

Some fabric is trickling its way back to me.
One Fat Quarter of Heather Ross 'wildflowers' from Waverlee.
Two Fat Quarters of 'Peeps' from Olivia.
And a wonderful Quilter's Quarter of 'Denyse Schmidt' from Simone of Local Honey Crafts.
This was a generous and unexpected gift from Simone to say thanks for pointing lots of people to her 'UFO Challenge' last month. 
I didn't mind that other people won the 10 prizes. I only had one entry but Simone was nice enough to pick out this gorgeous set of four Fat Quarters in this bright yellow and orange colourway. I absolutely love it! 
Thank you so much Simone for your continuous generosity. 
You can see 3 other great QQs over at Red Pepper Quilts.

Decluttering - Clothes
Kid's Clothes were overtaking me. None of my children are big and so they stay in the same size for long time, however Tristan's wardrobe had 3 different sizes in it. And to that end, I had to spend some time last week sorting through and bagging up all the size 4 and 5 clothes.  I had 5 bags full of clothes to pass on to a couple of my friends with younger boys. 

Decluttering - Stuff
We moved to this rental property nearly 2 and a half years ago. Shamefully some of those packing boxes are untouched in our overcrowded garage. My daughter's Preschool is having a 'car boot sale' early in August. So I have been ruthlessly sorting through old toys, books, clothes, baby items and child safety items.
I managed to get through 7 packing boxes last night. And I popped a few bags of goodies into the Preschool at drop off this morning. It's a great feeling to see the garage less cluttered and feel the attachment to 'stuff' give way to freedom.

My husband is picking up his first trailer this week and so the old fridge, dishwasher, couch and mattress will be taken away thankfully.


  1. It can be really crazy the things you find when de-cluttering =D

  2. Ooh you'll have some nice new additions to the stash with those swaps going on!

    Nice work on the decluttering!!


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