Friday, 13 July 2012

A Tale of Dragons

Last scene of Episode 4 by Duncan
Today was Lego Friday in our house. The Lego shop (run by me) was open from 8-6pm and the kids could make to their hearts and patience content.
It started with a couple of small NEW Star Wars kits that all three got as a reward for their 1st Semester Report cards which arrived yesterday in the mail. I sat them both down separately and went through their reports with them (have to explain the terminology like 'commendable', 'consolidating' etc. Sheesh!). I was not so worried about their actually results for subject areas but my husband and I were disappointed in the words assigned to their effort. Tristan went from being mostly a 'commendable' student last year to 'satisfactory' for everything this year. I must say I was really surprised because I think he has been doing so well in Grade 1 this year.

Duncan got a couple of 'needs improvement' remarks for music and arts and a couple of 'satisfactory' remarks as well. We talked about making a concerted effort to improve each of these areas for the next Semester. Parent/Teacher interviews are later this month.
Consequently, the boys  only received a small box of Lego as a reward with some Endor troops and flyers. 
I helped Frances make her first really fiddly Lego - chicken walking thing from the forests of Endor. She got a great report from Pre-Kindy but needs to work on her social maturity. 

The painting was done by Tristan in Preschool - I love it!
We set up the Star Wars display on the bookshelf.
Duncan worked a bit on his Tower Bridge.

Tristan, not really patient enough to find the pieces for the instructions, made his own creations.

Duncan and I helped Frances to build a little house. She made a farm/garden all by herself.

My goal was to re-make the 2 Ninjago dragons that had been pulled apart last term (Tristan got a 4 week Lego ban for destroying these, a space shuttle and a rocket too).
The ice dragon never got built. By step #3 I was in trouble and it took me literally all day to find the missing 2 pieces. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. That is the downfall of Lego kits and instructions - sometimes they rely on single and unique pieces that cannot be substituted nor left out.
The earth dragon was a slow job. Even with Duncan coming in to help intermittently, I had to  spend a lot of time searching for certain pieces in order to continue. By 6pm I had come to the last steps assembling the tail and was stopped again by the missing vital piece. So earth dragon is tail-less for now.

I was browsing blogs for Lego dragons and found this amazing scene from 'The Hobbit' created with Lego.

A Sly Dragon

There will not be much sewing until the kids return to school next Tuesday I am afraid but I have been browsing paper piecing blocks on Flickr. And here's what I found! 
'Smaug' by Amber's Originals, via Flickr
Smaug the Dragon - sitting on his treasure hoard. Isn't it amazing? I now have something to aspire to as a beginning paper piecer - well maybe a bit further down the track. So wonderful for a Lord of the Rings nerd like me to chance upon this site.

This is a FREE pattern designed by designer Michelle Thompson for a an online Flickr group called 'There and Back Again' put together by  Fandom in Stitches . If you just go to their site you will find the MOST amazing paper piecing designs for many popular books - Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games etc. 

Save the Date for My 'Get Acquainted'

Yes, it's my turn to host on July 26th, I am not sure if I will be putting a tutorial together for paper piecing or not. I might have to learn a few more blocks myself before designing them. But the Tolkien blocks are very inspirational. So please pop back on that date and see if I can rally to the occasion.

Save the August for Paper Piecing

And speaking of paper piecing it looks like Kristy from Quiet Play has found enough people to sign up for a Paper Piecing Blog Hop for weekdays in August. She has managed to rope in some amazing talent AND sponsorship.

I am very excited about THIS one and hope that I will be able to contribute a new block design by then. I will also be having a small give-away.


  1. Lego is fun but I like the Tristans painting best :-)

  2. Gosh you guys are way lucky getting to play with all those cool Lego sets! It can be a right pain losing the most vital piece! Hope you find them =D


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