Monday, 29 October 2012

Mudroom and Hallway Tweak

The concept of a Mudroom is clever. A place to hang up your outer clothing and baggage. But Australians don't build Mudrooms in their houses (it does not snow in many places). So this is my pared down version.

It's a bag rack given to me by Fran's old Family Day Carer. 

Around the corner, is a bench to pop their shoes into. It is an ideal place to dump washing baskets and anything else really. But it is better for sitting on. It's from IKEA.
I had to sort thought the shoes in each basket though. Crocs are big in our house.
We have hallways that gather all sorts of things. Usually baskets of washing. At this time I was doing a spring clean up so there were bags for doonas, sheets to put away, toys to donate and my three sorting baskets.
I was sorting through some of the kids' old toys and managed to give away a few boxes of them.

It did take some time to wash, fold and vacuum seal the doonas and sheets away into zipper bags and stow under our queen bed.
But a clutter free hallway was a great reward.

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