Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tweaking the Kitchen

The Kitchen - Week 1

I would love to have kitchen fairies that did the everyday stuff. Rinsing, Stacking, Unstacking, Washing Up, Wiping and Putting Away are all tedious but necessary. Sometimes that's enough to do. 
So when drawers and cupboards get messed up, it is easy to let them slide. And keep on sliding into chaos.

So my kitchen tweak, from the Big Tidy Up, was long overdue.

Upper Cupboards

Biscuits and Glasses
Cakes and Pasta
 Bakery Needs
On the Benchtop

Inevitably the Kitchen bench top becomes the most convienient place to accumulate papers, pencils, stationery, LEGO, plasticware - anything really. It is a clutter catch-all. 

Command Central
I set this area up earlier in the year but it has grown in size with clutter. It contains:

  • calendar
  • Household folder
  • local dining and attractions
  • Suspended file for school, preschool, prekindy, and community
  • Finance notebook
  • 'to do' notebook
  • Ordering notebook
  • 2012 & 2013 Diary
  • pens, pencils and highlighters
  • post it notes

Tea and Coffee Cupboard
Under the Bench

Sorting the School Containers

These get used most frequently and can get into an awful mess. 
Corner Cupboard

That's NOT the entire kitchen...(Yikes!)

How are you doing with your weekly tasks?



  1. You've been busy with a big B! I probably would've let it slide until it's time to pack those moving boxes. I love the idea of kitchen fairies. If only. :)

    1. The kitchen is usually the last place to get packed up when I figured having it organised may be a plus. But yes I should just get packing boxes out and get a wriggle on instead.

  2. I am just jealous of all the space you have! I live in an old house an I have 14 inches of counter space! And that is beside the sink so it holds my dishrack! And cupboards....forget about it!

    1. Fair enough Josie, bench top space is a premium in most kitchens. We have been renting here for almost 3 years but are moving in 8 weeks to our own house with a smaller kitchen. I will miss these cupboards too!

  3. It is very nice what you did!!Good job!!!


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