Saturday, 20 October 2012

Me and My Sisters' House

A Paper Pieced Block for Jane

There are seven of us in a Paper Piecing group affectionately called 'Wombat Stew'We were going to call it 'Dingo Pie' as a bit of a nod to the famous 'Ringo Pie' group on Flickr. Wombat Stew is an Aussie version and also the name of a great children's book.

This month Jane is Queen Wombat and asked us to come up with a house block. You know house blocks and I are old friends right? Remember my Neighbourhood play mat? And my larger 10" Nursery Versery 'Mouse House'.

Surprisingly it took a while for this block to come together for me. First it was the fabric choice. I knew that Jane loved the bicycle fabric I found recently in Yamba. I was thinking of using the fabrics from that bundle and consequently that colour scheme of lime, purple, orange and yellow. However that would make it too similar to the House House. I wanted something different.

I am not so great with conceptualising things. I like gets my hands into things. So I threw in some whimsical Mrs Goat's Sewing Shop fabric and a much better idea began to take shape. 

Then I saw Lindsay's, from LR Stitched, white wombat dress (yes, wombats again!) that she posted on Flickr yesterday - and it reminded me that I had some 'Magical Lands' fabric somewhere in my stash. Saffron Craig's fabric gave me inspiration for another colour scheme.
I struggled with how to include the requested #34 selvedge and struggled to include it in a letterbox.  There was a LOT of unpicking and today has been horrendously hot - like 35 degree celcius and DRY heat. I had to put in down and walk away for lunch.
After that I moved the letterbox to the other side of the house. Then I found that the sketch fabric I used for the sky was just short of 10" wide and so I had to add more fabric - but that turned into a lovely new feature - early evening stars rising.
Of course I had to throw in some 'pearl bracelets' by Lizzy House - lucky I had a scrap of it in lavender.

I am linking up a day late to the Friday links - but we had no electricity yesterday and as I use the automatic garage door, my daughter and I were subsequently locked out of the house as well. We made the best of it and went into town after MOPS and had a cafe lunch and a wander around.

Just a reminder that Sunday Stash will be at Pretty Bobbins this Sunday. You may have already checked out Gemma's fab Triangle Quilt finish this week. But I  would love to have some new faces link up some fabric candy on Gemma's blog. See you there!
That's Gemma bringing Jane some Aurifil thread
Linking up to...
and LAFF Link a Finish Friday at Richard and Tanya Quilts. They have just secured sponsorship from the Fat Quarter Shop for their linkys. I just found out that my humble 'Say Wonky' post from last Friday was equally the most visited link. Who would have thought it? 


  1. I love it!!
    This is going to be such a fun quilt!

  2. YOur perseverance has paid off - great block and super fabric choices.

  3. I love this block! It's so perfect - all those details! I thought the starry sky was a planned part of the block, it fits so well! I absolutely love every part of this one - so clever Fiona!

  4. I LOVE this block!! Absolutely awesome! I keep looking at it and giggling and smiling. When I first read your comment I thought you were organising a party and I was bringing the Aurifil IRL LOL Great block, well done!!

  5. Your block is just gorgeous Fi! Love it.

  6. Oh, Fiona, that's marvelous!!!! I'm so glad you told us about your process and showed us the lovely details. Lovely, lovely, work! I am a little bummed that you didn't call your bee Dingo Pie, though... That would have been so funny!

  7. Oh, this is gorgeous! well done!


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