Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Stash #37

Castle Peeps by Lizzy House

It's no secret that I have a love affair with Castle Peeps thesedays. But when it first came out I was new to quilting and only purchased two of the prints in the blue colourway for my nephew's I-Spy quilt.

So this year I have been buying up fat quarters from Big W and swapping anyone who is willing to part with their fat quarters too.

When I actually found a few of the red colourway fabrics at Ballina Spotlight, I was so surprised.

But I have never seen the green colourway fabrics anywhere. A quick Google search a few weeks ago revealed a US seller with a yard each of three fabrics in stock. Donna from Konahonu was willing to post internationally and make me a custom listing to save on postage costs. Only $5.49 per yard and $13.50 for postage!

I also found some of the green/brown and red people print at the Australian-based Fabric-alicious through the Sew You're Destashing page on Facebook.

I still have to find the flags, circles and waves in the blue colourway. Let me know if you see them about.

Do you have a fabric collection that you are trying to retro-buy? What did you miss?

Feel free to link up your Stash below...


  1. You have such lovely fabrics in your blog! Delightful combinations.
    And great job on all that decluttering and organizing. Very neat.
    Nice meeting you through Blogtoberfest. :)

  2. These are pretty. I don't have that collection passion yet. I might get it later on, we'll see.

  3. I was very lucky when I went to buy the whole collection, I found it at my local quilt store. I am making Castle Watch quilt. It uses all of the fabrics in the line.

  4. Oh your Peeps collection is coming together so well!!

  5. I lately have been retro-buying Outfoxed which is also by Lizzy House. I am hoping that I can find some at the Houston Quilt festival this week. I think there are Castle Peeps at Delray Fabrics and some at Pink Castle fabrics.

  6. I'm trying to stock up on Vintage Modern before it goes out of print. Good luck collecting your blue colourway! It's been a quiet week on the craft shopping front after last weeks big bust out, though I am hoping to visit the craft store tomorrow, so I'll link up as soon as I have something worth showing!

  7. I really hope you get them all!! I'd love to get a charm pack of every Kate Spain line ;)

  8. What a thrill it is to find the Castle Peeps fabrics! I love Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party and recently bought a couple of pieces that someone was destashing! Some fabrics I buy to sew with and some I "collect". What will you be doing with your Castle Peeps?

  9. good luck collecting the blue Castle Peeps! I chased down Meadowsweet once it was OOP - I would use instead of wallpaper, I love it so much. But then i'd be constantly fondling and trying to snuggle up to my walls, which would be weird, so I think I'll make a quilt instead ;)

  10. Hi there I think I have some left overs of this range in my stash- send me your address and you can have them, you might even be in luck and I might send you some blue.

    1. Ooo really? You are too kind. I love quilters! I would be so interested. I think the prints I need are the Flags, Flourishes, Fortress and Heraldry. I have the people and the castle prints. I will try and contact you through an email. Thanks a bunch, Fiona

  11. Not sure if it's what you're after? But I have some Royal city in Basra Blue and Scheherazade in Basra Blue that you're welcome to if you like. Just send me your address.


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