Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thrifted Thursday #5

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I forgot to include these 2 weeks ago. That op-shop had so much to offer.

A pair of ladies khaki pants for me...

A book on Australian Wineries for my husband...

A fluffy (and washed) pink teddy for Frances...
Pink Ted and Piggy have become fast friends
Then across the road was a Beachside Bargains shop and they had this 'family values' canvas. I have been keeping my eye out for a good one since Pinterest first showed them. This one was perfect - well I don't like the last comment because it is the only negative one, and in Australia it's called 'whinging' not 'whining' - but maybe it's comical. It set me back $50! Lucky for the bargains at the op-shop!

I also went back to the camera store that is the local LEGO agent and picked up the 'Star Wars' and 'Friends' Advent Calendars for this Christmas.

They pointed out the bakery over the road that was economical and varied. I bought us all a hummingbird cake. mmmm delicious! Wish we had a bakery that good in our town.

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