Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Garage Part 2

We are moving house in mid December. After 10 years of marriage, 6 different rentals and 3 children we have finally bought a place of our own. We are so excited.

One problem? (well 4 if you count packing up, moving and unpacking)
No garage. Only a double carport! 
No garage = no storage = no dumping stuff into on moving day.


Long term = build a double lock up garage with storage cupboards

Short term = rental storage space somewhere offsite (that's Dean's job to organise)
                     = decluttering and purging (I've already started on that thanks to A Bowl Full of lemons Home Organisation 101)
Lots of Crates

Total nightmare right? I cringe looking at it everyday.Things get taken out to the garage but not really organised. And I hate lifting heavy crates more than anything so it just gets left wherever my husband dumps it. 

I must have spent a total of 7 hours sorting this out last Thursday night. The time went fast. Purging the clothes and baby equipment meant that I freed up about 5 crates. I put them to good use believe me.

Ah so much better! This is only Part 2 of the garage sorting, purging and organising. There is the other side and a couple of free-standing shelves to go.

We still have to move them and store them.

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  1. Wow! 7 hours?! Well... it looks like it was worth it! It looks fantastic so far! I just think having everything in bins makes it look clean no matter what! haha

  2. Sounds strikingly similar.....we moved 3 months ago after being together almost 11 years and four kids and bought our first house! And it's taken that long to get things sorted (there's still a bit more to go, but it will wait!). Before you know it, it will all be over and your new house will feel like an old house with everyone's stuff everywhere! Good luck!

  3. We use these crates for camping and storage as well - whatever did we do with all of our "stuff" before they were invented!


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