Friday, 26 October 2012

All in one Place Pouch

If you read my post yesterday you would know that tomorrow our family is heading off on a south Pacific cruise for a week.

Duncan, myself and his grandmother are all bringing hand stitching. The trouble is Duncan needed a place to put all his embroidery items.

So, on Sunday we sat down and he chose some fabric for the outside and inside and I modified my own tutorial to make him an embroidery pouch.

At 10" x 11", it fits his embroidery hoop, floss and his new needle book.

Empire State Building Needle Book

After I had finished packing yesterday, I was able to reward myself with some time to sew. I was able to make Duncan's ESB embroidery into a snazzy needle book. We stuck with the USA theme as I had a few RW&B fabrics.

This is a project from the book 'Little Stitches'. Aneela Hooey's instructions were very thorough. This is a lovely quick project. 
She has alternate patterns for the embroidery if the ESB is not your taste. There is a cute sleeping cat.
It was interesting sewing this whilst watching the 3rd Election debate between Senator Romney and President Obama. At least in this one they were polite to the moderator - poor Candy from Debate #2. 

I know who I would vote for if I were an American.

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  1. My 76 year old mother was going on a trip with her church this fall. They would be traveling into Canada so Mom needed a passport. She took what she thought was a birth certificate to the post office but it was more of a birth announcement. The hospital was closed, her elementary school (you can provide early records supposedly) was closed, and every other avenue seemed to be closed. Finally we found a very distant cousin (in her 80s) who knew my mother when she was a babe to sign a form. Many headaches and two trips to the city later, my mom was the proud owner of a passport. And then she had back surgery two weeks before the trip. All is good! Mom's doing great and Canada will always be there.

    1. Yes some Governments seem to take Passport requirements very seriously for citizens. Trying to prove who you are can be quite tough. There were more than few obstacles for your mum. Hopefully she can take another trip with her church into Canada next year. Such a hard-fought-for passport MUST get a stamp!

  2. Love the embroidery set for D! Perfect! I think it's really special that you two have a hobby you share too :)

    Have a fabulous time on the cruise! (I can link you up to TGIFF when I do mine :) )

  3. So adorable! I bet Duncan loves it! And I'm curious, who would you vote for? Have a fabulous vacation, Fiona!

  4. How very cool that Duncan needed an embroidery pouch. :D This is a very cool one, too!


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