Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Vintage Drover

A Visit from a Drover

This week my last Travelling Stash arrived. It was created by Kiera with a slight twist - this is the first 'male' one. He is called 'Drover'. A 'Drover' is an Australian version of the wandering cowboy. Someone who works driving cattle/sheep from one place to another. Hugh Jackman played a drover in that Baz Luhrman 'Australia' film?

Kiera wanted us to choose from her many 'drovers' and photograph our choices with them. The envelope was full of many 'Manpower' images. I was thinking that my dream drover from the late 80s - the Ampol Man from the back of my Street Directory - would be there. He wasn't. Nor could I find a Google image of him. But I did find the 'noughties version of the ad'. hehehe

Then I was thinking that my drover would probably look a bit more like this...
A vintage version - far more realistic and a LOT more substance. I love this photograph.

In the end I chose the only 'drover' in the bunch that had not shaved off his chest hair. 

More Vintage

It's also time to show what I received back from the Vintage Sheet Fat Quater Swap organised by 'Where Jane Creates'.

It looks like cool colours are 'so hot right now!'

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