Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Empire Strikes

My son Duncan loves tall buildings - Burj Khalifa, WTCs, Sears Tower, CN Tower, Eiffel tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, The Great Pyramid

He loves engineering shows - Mega Structures, Big Bigger Biggest, Pricing the Priceless

He loves cities - Sydney, London, New York, Paris, Toronto

He loves shows about cities - 'Megacities', 'Greatest Cities of the World' 
'Greatest Cities of the World' with Gryff Rhys Jones
He is learning to embroider.

This is what he picked for his 2nd project. He chose to use the red linen. He sewed the outline of the building. I have sewn the teeny windows and the filling stitches to create the shadow.

It is a needle case pattern by Aneela Hooey from her book 'Little Stitches'. Perfect for a new hobby. Perfect for a boy who loves The Empire State BuildingPerfect.

He also loves to draw and won a competition recently to design a mug celebrating the London Olympics. The teacher had his design made into a t-shirt for him to wear. Can you pick the London icons? He knew them all. I didn't. Isn't Aspeger's a fabulous super power?


  1. Oh Duncan has done such a great job on the embroidery! How perfect to have a pattern that fits his interests so well!

  2. Fiona, the Boy can't get lost and needs to be recognized! I totally could tell from the picture that it was the ESB. The London mug is fantastic! You must be extremely proud!:)

  3. What a great idea to have his design on a t-shirt! Loving his embroidery. Aspergers or not, in my eyes he's gifted! Way to go Duncan!

  4. What a great post Fiona! Loved reading about your super hero x

  5. Way to go Duncan!

  6. Wow! So impressive!! And yay for the Sky Tree!! We're going up it in December with family!!


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