Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Burrito Anyone?

Mexican Food

My family love Mexican food. I think our nearest restaurant is at Lennox Head 25 mins away. So we don't get to eat it very often - apart from my lame home cooked version. When we were on holidays in Yamba last week my husband and I were reading 'Coast' magazine and the feature profile was a new-ish local Mexican restaurant called Sol Cantina. Just reading the description of the menu, and the preparation in the marinades, made our mouths water. We vowed to check it out. My husband wanted to go for lunch but I insisted on dinner instead. He was glad that I had dragged us all out in the end.

Sol Cantina is run by an ex-SoCal husband and wife. They relocated themselves and 4 kids to this wonderful little coastal town about 2 years ago and set up a restaurant where diners can find an authentic Mexican flavour. The decor was ecclectic and I loved the artwork on the walls. Another plus was the booth seating - very helpful for keeping 3 kids in their seats. It was great service and the owner, Taylor, was a friendly fellow who had surf movies playing on 2 BIG screens. For a Tuesday night it was full of diners, mostly families.

Our kids ordered chicken burritos, my husband, pork ribs and myself, chicken fajitas. Both meats had been marinated to a melt-in-the-mouth standard and I relished the red capsicum and guacamole. Needless to say our kids ditched the delicious salad and chicken burritos for the plain tortillas that came with my meal! So unadventurous of them. (The burritos made for a nice lunch the next day though). I also had a Corona beer for the first time in a few years - I am so missing out!

This morning my 4 year old daughter requested that I make chicken burritos for dinner tonight. I stocked up on extra large tortillas. I've done all the prep. work and my husband is cooking them as I type this.

Pillow Cases (Burrito style)

I have been making pillow case burritos these past 2 days. I followed an  easy pillow tutorial, from Twiddletails, I found on Pinterest. So far I have made 5 out of the 6 Halloween themed ones and have yet to start on the Liberty fabric 4.

I have had to tweak the pattern a bit owing to the fact that maybe USA standard pillows are longer than ours. I also had to use up the larger pieces of my Halloween fabric - of which there were not many that offered me width of fabric WOF.

This Week's Stats

Completed projects  - ZSSA Nesting Boxes
                                          - ZSSA Little Pocket Pillowcase

Currently in progress - Halloween Pillowcases - 5 done 1 to go
                                               - embroidery snowglobe
                                              - 'Say Cheese' polaroid mini blocks - 10 more to do
Yet to start  - 4 Liberty Pillowcases
                        - QCA Bee block for October
                         - Wombat Stew House Block for Jane
                        - Mystery Quilt back 
                        - Katie Jump Kites - ready to baste
On Hold projects   - Sherbert Dreams Quilt
                                      - Craftsy BOMs from June, August and September


What's your favourite Mexican dish?

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Help Me Find a Pattern Post Please

About 2 weeks ago I was browsing through my blog reader and came across a NEW blog to me. It was by an quilter in the USA who was asking readers to make blocks for the servicemen and women  (Valour or Hero Quilts) and she displayed some of the colours and fabrics needed to be used as well as a FANTASTIC rectangle block pattern. I did not PIN IT or BOOKMARK the page and all my efforts to go through my search history have proved fruitless. If you know of this recent post PLEASE write a comment below. I would be ever so grateful to find that post again.


  1. oh yummy! Feel free to link up with Tuesday at the Table if you want! I think my fav Mexican dish is enchiladas OR a very good guacamole....tho I pretty much love it all! Thanks so much for linking up to wip Wednesday, where I am having a fun day guest-hosting!

    1. Oh thanks Debbie I have not linked up for ages and what a coincidence that you are doing WIP Wed this week as well. Thanks for reminding me. I hope that you will link up with Sunday Stash sometime soon and show off some of your fabric goodies.


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