Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tweaking the Pantry and Fridge

The Pantry - Week 3

A House of Our Own

I have not signed up to the full 14 week challenge because we plan to move house just before Christmas. So my future is full of purging and boxing - yuck! It has been 5 years since we left Sydney but last week we sold our house there and have bought a lovely 5 acre property up here so we can settle down permanently. I am so happy. And as a bonus, I can throw away the packing boxes that have followed us for the past 5 years and three moves.

Week 3 - The Pantry
This was not so hard for me as I had done the big tidy up earlier in the year. I was in need of a sewing break, my neck starts to ache after a while, and so I decided to give my pantry a 'quick' tweak. It actually took about 2 hours all up. 

 Inside the Pantry Door

 I tweaked my meal planning area too!
The Fridge

As we had just got back from a week's holiday, it was not very full and easy to clean.
I wonder what my new pantry will be like? I just remember that it was HUGE. We are going back there on Saturday to take some indoor photos.


  1. I wonder what my pantry will be like, too! :)

    Btw, I counted 38 'proper' moving boxes, 4 boxes for printer and PC parts, another 6 large boxes that we'd kept from old purchases, 3 large rubbish bags, two large Ikea bags, and two large paper bags (the type you get for presents only way way larger). I also stuffed things into our wkcer laundry basket, a medium bin, and a plastic laundry basket. Put my husband's two suitcases and mine on top of that.

    1. It is never easy moving the contents of a house. And I get so tired of hearing folk say "you have a lot of stuff". Most of them have never moved in 20 years and so they have no idea of the amount of stuff they have accumulated.

  2. wow, that's a big thing ahead! good luck with all that.


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