Friday, 5 October 2012

Sleep Like the Dead

I love Halloween fabrics. On the weekend I put the 'on parade' quilts on each of the kid's beds but felt like the pillow cases from their sheets were a bit out of place.

I dove into the last large pieces of my Halloween stash and spent 2 days making them 2 pillow cases each. I used this great Burrito Style Pillow tutorial from Twiddletails.

I did have a few stuff ups...

I made the first one too long and wide.
The second one too wide.
The third I had to use fabric that did not match.
The fourth was perfect.
The fifth was too short.

And the last I sewed the contrast fabric on the wrong way after bumping out the width with an added strip(the unpick and I were good friends).

But they certainly make the beds look better.

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  1. I would love to know the measurements for your "perfect" sized pillowcase - I'm planning on making a few and am too lazy to work out measurements for Aussie pillows :) They look gorgeous by the way!

    1. An Australian standard pillow case is about 20" x 29/30" for one side. For this pattern Lara I made the width 40" for the contrast, main and trim. Then I shortened the the main fabric length from 27" to 24" the contrast length remains 12" and the trim is still 1.5". I hope this helps.

  2. I was only looking at that pillow pattern yesterday! Funny how that happens in blog land. Your pillowcases look great, I bet your munchkins love them!

  3. They are fantastic Fi! I also love Halloween fabrics but sadly I have no use for them. I did buy that cute bright orange spider fabric for Master 2's I-Spy quilt though.

  4. I bet your kids are over the moon - I mean over the pumpkin - about the fantastic new pillows.

  5. Love the pillows and thanks for the link to the tute and the aussie measurements. Enjoy blogtoberfest! (I'm visiting random numbers from the linky!)

  6. Those are sooo cute!!! Makes me want to do some fun Halloween things!

  7. I love Halloween fabrics, too, and how well they go together! Your pillowcases are charming, and really complete the look. (My granddaughter uses her Halloween quilt all year; she won't let her mom put it away!)

  8. Very colourful and it looks like a lot of fun!

  9. They certainly look great to me! What fun beds and what lucky kids. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  10. Visiting from Crazy Mum Quilts. The pillowcases look beautifully finished. What a great job you do. Fun and funky


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