Monday, 8 October 2012

Tweaking the Laundry

The Laundry - Week 5
The Laundry in our rental is pretty good. It has built in sliding cupboards, a broom closet and under the sink cupboards. It's nice and light and very close to the washing line. 
We were not able to mount our dryer on the wall and so it is out in the garage. It is just wide enough to set up my basic laundry system. I have collapsible cubes for sorting things into whites, darks and mediums.

I use an eco-friendly half scoop of powder, half a cup of bi-carb soda and rinse in white vinegar.
You may remember that I picked up the wall prints from an op-shop last year. And I love my over-the-door hooks but not as much as I love the Penny Scallan raincoats. These are her old designs that I have been picking up off ebay auctions.

I am keen to look at other people's laundries. I do find it amazing that most northern hemisphere houses do not have an outside washing line but maybe we get more than our fair share of sunshine here in Australia. I have re-hung a dark blue remnant of rubber backed fabric to cut down on the heat and light to the laundry.


  1. You don't want to see mine - its a real pain. It is the access from the house to the backyard and the toilet so I have 3 doors in my laundry and the meter box (as our house is circa 1960 and its still inside). It also has a double sink (one side which always ends up with gungy water residue from the washing machine as the drain doesn't flow well, ick. No room for a dryer as the only spot has to be left vacant so you can open the meter box! Most people (close friends & family at least) come in through our back gate so my laundry is the first thing they see. I would love any laundry I could close the door to!

    1. Oh Sue...doing laundry is hard enough without those obstacles. Any plans to renovate at some stage?

  2. I tell you my Mom had a clothes line and at my house I do not. (we live in Illinois. USA) and I do so miss not being able to hang my sheets! There is nothing like sleepign on sheets that have been hung out to dry!


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