Monday, 22 October 2012

World Wombat Day

It's World Wombat Day today.

Did you know?

I did not. 

But apparently it has been happening since 2005. So here is my tribute to this robust Australian marsupial.

A classic Australian tale by Marcia Vaughan
Clever book  by Bruce Whatley
A great Christmas book by Kerry Argent
A new book featuring the mysterious white wombat by Saffron Craig
btw - I have not read this one yet.
Wombat Stew on Flickr - A paper piecing bee that I am in with six Aussies and expats.

Current fabric featuring wombats by Australian designer Saffron Craig
And ordered some of Saffron's fabric from Honey Be Good who have 20% off her wombat fabric in honour of World Wombat Day.


  1. I didn't know. They are so cute. I have a picture of me holding wombat while visiting some animal kind of hospital in Tasmania. I was so excited and happy for the opportunity. Love them ever since!

  2. Love it! Why not have a whole day celebrating Wombats?! My favourite memory of a wombat was one at a petting zoo chasing my cousin trying to eat his shoelaces hehehe

  3. I love wombats, but really the only time you'd want to try to hold one is when they're little 'cos they like to bite! They're like the little armoured tanks of the marsupial world - don't get in their way!

  4. My favoutite memory of a wombat was when I was camping under the stars and he came up and said hello touching my nose. Very cute.


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