Friday, 20 April 2012

Selvedge Pouch Pride

Mystery Quilt Class

This weekend I am off south to Coffs Harbour for my first Quilt Class. It's run by local Lisa Peterson at a sweet shop called Hunters and Collectors (just on the Pacific Highway past the Clog Barn).  I will will meet my lovely blog buddy Kristy in the flesh for the first time too. I very excited because I get to have 2 days away as well. Well needed after 2 weeks of school holidays.

All we know is that we have to bring our sewing supplies and three fabrics. 1 light, 1 dark/feature fabric and 1 medium contrast (non-directional). Sounds easy right? Not really. 's so hard to choose farbics without knowing what the pattern will be. We can cut some fabric in advance but I am not sure which three. These are my choices.

these three:
 or these three:
 I will take all 5 for borders and backing though.

This week has seen a lot of little sewing projects rather than quilting. So I have a few finishes to show but nothing large.

Zakka Style Sew Along Pincushion
 Three Selvedge Pouches

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this week it's at, fellow QCA member, Tracey's blog called 'The Peony Teacup'


  1. Gorgeous Fiona! I caved and bought the book today, so may must join in on the odd project.

    1. ooo goodie goodie gum drops. Have you got linen/ You will need it.

  2. Those little selvedge pouches are so cute! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. That pincushion and selvedge pouches are so cute, Fiona! Loving the retro clock! Have fun at the Mystery Class! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!


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