Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Chook Chat #2

Back on the Lay

Sometimes things move fast in the flock and I am the last to know. Two weeks ago I was having a Chicken Revolution with chickens NOT laying in the nesting box.

So I decided to change my tactic. I took the same tactic as was used on Swiffer the chook by City Boy Hens. Leave the girls in the chicken run until lunchtime and then only let them out to free range after that. 

I knew about the nest that Freckles had made in the lomandra bush near my clothes line. She would fly over the fence to lay there regardless of the lock down.

I also knew that Bluey was laying in a similar lomandra inside the run. 

I had ONE day where I found five eggs in the nesting box.

Unfortunately the past two weeks have been school holidays and the chooks have been let out a few times before lunch. I can't really get mad at the kids for emancipating them. But in this state of confusion weird things have happened.


Has started laying again. But all over the place. In the nesting box and in Bluey's nest. One morning I was carrying her and when I put her down an egg dropped out. Unbroken. Weird!

She has also become the target of some comb pecking in the roost at night. I don't know who is doing it but it signifies that Washy Wash is no longer head chook. 


Has finally started laying again after a four month break. I find her eggs in the nesting box and in Blueys nest. She does this pre-egg laying song as well as a post-egg song. Washington and Breanna lay identical sized and coloured eggs so it is impossible to work out whose is whose unless I catch them after they lay.


I have found her eggs in the nesting box but this week I caught her laying in Freckles nest. Then yesterday morning she layed twice! I have never heard that a hen can lay 2 eggs in a day.


I can not find many of her eggs at all but I find them in random places. Nesting box, her nest and even on the chook house floor!

'L'il Roosey

She lays the smallest eggs and is the only one who lays consistently in the nesting box. God bless her fluffly bottom.


Since the other chickens have been laying in her nest, her egg count is down and I think she is laying them elsewhere too.

So I think that all six of my hens are back on the lay. Now I have a glut of fresh eggs and need to give them away. Not a bad problem to have.


We have done a follow up dusting with the lice powder on four of the chickens. We need to do the rooster, Bluey and Freckles but they are impossible to catch during the day.

Thankfully I saw less evidence of lice than last time and I have noticed that the girls are dust bathing with the diatomaceous earth more than before. I think they are catching the lice from the local lorikeets, Noisy Minors and Blue Faced honey eaters with roost in the trees in the run.


  1. So crazy that Obama laid two eggs in one day! I don't think any of my hens have ever done that. I'm glad to hear they are getting back in action, even if you do have to hunt for some of the eggs!

  2. Love seeing your pictures of the chickens,.. Your little girl is so cute...

  3. just found your blog. you have some beautiful chickens. sounds like a real adventure with the eggs.i've bookmarked it so i'll keep visiting it. try looking at my blog. i hope you enjoy it. many blessings.


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