Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Last Week In My Garden #5

Tree Felling

Last Tuesday a team of three guys from Tallow Tree Services from Byron Bay came to deal with a few jobs felling trees on the property. I had four companies come out and quote me and these guys impressed me from the beginning and their price was second cheapest.

Alexander Palms

It's no secret that I am not fond of palm trees. These  Alexander palms and are indigenous to the local area and are therefore not a listed weed. We have more than 80 on the property but 16 of them were in close proximity to the house.

However their trunks and bowls had grown too large to be so close to the front of the house. They also drop very heavy palm fronds. One narrowly missed my son on his bike. They had to go.

The Tallow boys had an efficient way of tensioning the top of the palm and dropping it away from the house. Then their mulcher dragged it into its jaws.

Canary Island Date Palm

This miniature palm was very pretty but sported some nasty spikes. See earlier posting on my injury.

It's hard to see in this photo but this tree had taken some battering in the January storms. One large branch was stuck hanging over the driveway.

Jamie prussiked up the tree and removed it and a few other dead branches.

Swamp Gum
I love this tree. So huge and beautiful. But very dangerous. It is right on the fenceline that has a new estate on the other side. 

Can you see all the dead limbs hung up on the live branches? There were at least three. All there when we bought the property in December 2012. They needed to come down safely.

Then there were a couple of limbs that over hung into the next property. I would not buy a block of land that had a gum tree overhanging it. It's a matter of safety. Gum drop limbs. They can kill.


The guys bought a great machine that turned all the palms and gums into mulch to use on the garden. I now have tonnes of the stuff.

I hope to work with this company once a year to clear the risky trees and maintain the existing trees.


  1. A timely post to remind me to take photos of the two trees in our front yard as sadly they are being removed tomorrow. They were supposed to be 3metre shrubs and ended up being more like 5-6 metres tall. While I absolutely love them our house has developed a new major crack in the part nearest the trees so I have to bite the bullet and take them out. Fingers crossed the soil may recover and reduce the crack on its own. We have the country's worst soil in Adelaide and its notorious for shrinking and expanding. At least you ended up with some lovely mulch from all your trimming! Glad to see that nasty spiky tree met its maker!

  2. Wow ...I bet you are loveing all those trees gone. Trees are great but not on top of the house. We have that same issue her ewith the house we bbought a little over 2 years ago. Slowly removeing them 1 by one. it is very expensive to have them removed here.


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