Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Round Up

Mid Winter mornings are getting crisper but more beautiful.


Only blocks this month I am afraid. The top two are for Bees and the bottom is for a Wombat.


All of the girls are laying now. So some days I get half a dozen eggs. 

One day Scruffy layed two eggs in one day!

As they started playing "hide the eggs", this month I changed the routine and kept them in the chicken run until lunchtime. It seems to be working.

And I discovered that they are jungle birds at heart.

Palm Felling

Limb Removal 



Weed Removal

Reading - I read my first Jack Reacher novel. Not bad.

How was your July?

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  1. I've got my eye on that refractorium block too! I've tried another of Jane's blocks, but I mucked up the printing, forgot to untick the scale to fit box for half the block, so they ended up two different sized halves. Your property is looking good.


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