Monday, 22 July 2013

Chook Chat #3

Jungle Birds

Freckles - not unusual to find her roosting in the climbing tree
I love my Gardening Australia magazine. This is what was on the front cover this month. The kids and I squealed with delight. A subscription was my Christmas present last year. Every month it comes direct to my letterbox and I nearly read it in one go.

There is a regular column from Jackie French about backyard chickens each month and I have found it very informative.

This is what she wrote last month...

...chooks evolved as jungle birds, so it's no surprise that they feel most comfortable in the sorts of conditions you'd find in a rainforest. Chooks like broken dappled light...chooks also like dark, quiet nesting places, preferably with a slightly triangular opening, such as you might find in a thicket or bamboo, and they don;t like sudden loud noises.

Washington laying in the lomandra bush

and I have found it to be true of my flock.

They enjoy venturing further down into the gully at the back of the property. Can you see each of the seven in this picture?

No? Look closer.

Then last week I found four of them like this!

The next day Obama was missing from the run and I finally found her roasting on the fourth branch up on this tree. She was surveying everything from her lofty perch and it was quite comical. But by the time I had returned with my camera, she had flown down.

L to R Roosey, Bluey and Obama

I love my jungle birds!


  1. This makes me think of Jurassic Park and they're about to attack me.

  2. Love the photos, it looks like there was a bit of a stand-off going on in the last one :)

  3. I love reading about your Chookens! I can't wait to get some of our own!!!!

  4. I so wish we could have chickens where I live at. But we are zoned no farm animals only domestic pets. It specifically says no chickens, cows, pigs, horses,...Kinda defeats the purpose of moving from the city to the country to acreage...If we had only moved a little further out we wouldn't be int eh town limits and could have them, SO I really enjoy seeing and reading about yours.


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