Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Last Week in My Garden #2

This past weekend we had two days of glorious sunshine. So wonderful to get out of the house and tackle the weed problem. And we have LOTS of weeds! 

Caleb has been back clearing the slope with the blades on the whipper snipper. He has almost reached the back fence behind the burn pile. 

It has taken three days of steady work in the past fortnight. You can see the line of weeds retreating behind that little tree in the bottom left. I have been hand mowing where Caleb has been but it is a big job. My husband thinks that we should just get in a contract tractor slasher and I am inclined to agree.

On a positive note, I walked down through sections of our property I have not seen before. There is a lot of lantana, privet and even some camphors to eradicate on the north eastern boundary.

I started to clear some of the weeds growing underneath the rock wall on the eastern side. Some were waist high (Wish I had a true BEFORE photo). I had to grade the slope into terraces and retain them with some rocks. Then I planted a Ned Kelly grevillea and a couple of lomandras that were in need of a better location.

Beyond where I have cleared is more lantana and I will tackle it in sections. The slope gets quite steep around those huge gum trees but I would like to get it done before the weather turns warm and the snakes return.

I really need to mulch the slope with some sugar cane mulch but the sticks will serve for the time being. And we have LOTS of sticks!


  1. It makes my back ache just looking at all that work. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love seeing different parts of the world.

  2. Gosh this will keep you busy! What a workout too hey! Looking great!


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