Thursday, 18 July 2013

Last Week in My Garden #3

Tackling the Brambles

If I told you that I spent 3 x 2 hours hacking down a lantana bramble you would say I am crazy. 

So I loaded up my ipod with some Queen and 30 Seconds to Mars. Then 'Don't Stop Me Now' became my theme song for a few days.

After six hours it was finally gone and poisoned at the roots.

It took me a few more days to clear the pile of weeds though.

I am not sure about all the little saplings around the site so I have taken a sample branch to a local nursery to see if they can be identified. If they are non-natives then I can cut them down.

More Trimming

Just up from this clump of lantana was another clump that I had trouble getting past on the ride on mower.

But I also needed to tackle the lower branches of the tree in order to get to it. 

Each time I cut these off at the roots I spray them with round up on the wound. Hopefully this will kill them.

I had some serious piles of prickly lantana to add to the ever growing burn pile. Not only do I hate the prickles but I hate the smell of lantana.

More Sowing NOT Sewing

But I had a better time sowing nearly 20 kg of rye grass seed in the drizzling rain. Great to start the life of the small seed but I was in need of a hot shower after that cold soaking.

Rye grass is a good winter lawn crop as it grows fast and has a glossy green shade. If you keep it no shorter than 1.5" it will thrive and choke out other competing weeds. That's what I need it to do now that it is holding the soil together.

I just need to chase the galahs away from the free meal.

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  1. Oh what pretty birds those are. Theyt are helping themselves to the free buffett of seeds...


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