Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Dreaded Orb Block

This month the block chosen by the Queen Bee had me stressing. I kept putting it off.

Today I knuckled down with many hours stretched out in front of me. I emptied my scrap bucket.

Cutting the odd sized pieces takes a long time.

Sewing the sections not so much.

Trimming was easy.

Putting the block together was quick.

Linking up to WiP Wednesday for the first time this month.


  1. Good job! So far so good!

  2. Looks fabulous Fiona! I would also like to try to make this block - one day...

  3. That looks like a tricky block for a bee! It is coming together nicely and the fabrics are super!!

  4. looks amazing but very time consuming :-)

  5. So pretty!! I love all the bright colors; at least it was a great scrap buster!!

  6. Oh it turned out well and so nice to scrap bust!

  7. Very nice! So bright and scrappy! I can never seem to pull off scrappy and have it look that great!

  8. WOW - it turned out so well! Totally love the all the bright cheery colours!


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