Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Stash #70

This week Sunday Stash is hosted by Gemma from Pretty Bobbins - so I will see you in tropical New Caledonia for the linky party.

The Civil War Edition

Back in the Sew Mama Sew Give Away week I won this book from Bear Hollow Quilts. Sandy and her husband are Civil War re-enactors and clothing re-creators. Ever since the Ken Burns The Civil War documentaries from the early 90s I have had an interest in the American Civil War.  I even got to tour Gettysburg in January 2000. Such a sobering place even for an Aussie.

This booklet documents the story of the team who put together an authentic era quilt for the Lincoln Museum.

There are instructions for making your own quilt.

Can you believe that I still have not yet seen 3 time Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln? My husband and I planned a date night with Italian food to see it but a wild storm destroyed our plans.

Just for reference Daniel Day Lewis in on the right!
DDL is one of my favourite actors and he features pretty heavily in my Cameleon board on Pinterest - along with Meryl, Freddie and Jared Leto.

Happy Independence Day to you USA folks!

See you over at Pretty Bobbins.


  1. Not my kind of thing so I checked your board and was surprised by Zac Efron there, lol. DDL is cool though.

  2. You never fail to surprise me! You are an interesting cat! So I have Lincoln queued up to watch as well and haven't yet, but I have seen Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, and that has to be closer to the truth, right?

  3. Interesting post Fiona. I'm not one for reproduction prints but I do love history and was also intrigued by the American Civil War in my late teens by a few fiction and non fiction books on the era. I've finally got the SS post and linky up, sorry for the delay, thought I'd whip it out this morning but I'm a slow blogger it seems :)

  4. Nice post! I love reproduction fabrics and have always been interested in the Civil War. You have inspired me to seek out this little booklet for myself - maybe anyway (I have a UFO pile a mile high)... DDL was absolutely fantastic as Lincoln - you will love the movie! I think he is one of the finest actors of his generation!

  5. That book sounds so interesting.

  6. While I'm not really a reproduction fabric kind of girl, I recently saw a fabric pull that had a couple of repro fabrics mixed in with a lot of modern prints, and it was amazing! I love the design of that civil war quilt too!

  7. Thanks for the shout out!! I love books with civil war quilts in them. I have more books available on my website if you are interested. My husband and I were lucky enough to participate in the 145th anniversary reenactment of the battle of
    Gettysburg. It was without a doubt the closest we could get to experienceing the real thing!! The smoke was so heavy you couldn't see. You can see one of my confederate guerrilla shirts on my I have several reproduction fabrics on my website. Everything on my website is 10% off. Thanks Sandy


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