Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Last Week in My Garden #4

Slasher Power

Remember when last week I said that I spent 6 hours getting rid of a clump of lantana? Crazy right?

Lantana Clump Before and After

I should have just called Phil instead. Phil came out on his tractor slasher to cut back the bottom paddock that  had been whipper snipped previously.

Phil's slasher just backed over two other clumps of lantana and obliterated them. Then he took out the corner of weeds we had not yet got to.
The Slope Before and After
He saved me about 12 hours worth of work!

And look at the tractor's cute little face!

Unfortunately the slasher cannot access the steep areas of our property. That's where the remaining lantana grows.

The land drops away at that tree line 
Burn Pile

We also tried to set fire to our burn pile. We have only had five fine weekends this whole year. 

The pile is very wet. We perhaps only made a dent on only 1/30th of the burn pile.


The local agent had run out of rye grass seed and so I could not sow into the areas where the slasher had been.  I did manage to get the ride on mower into most of the areas through. A huge victory as I thought it would be too steep to mow.

The slope is steeper than this photo would suggest.

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