Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Stash #71

Firstly thank you to Gemma, of Pretty Bobbins, who did a fabuleux job hosting a Vive la France version of Sunday Stash last week. I found out new things about her life in New Caledonia just reading through that post. Happy La Fete Nationale for today Gemma.   

Last week's most visited linky was Kwilty Pleasures with her funny post about fibre crime.

Next week Kristy, of Quiet Play, will be hosting Sunday Stash.

The Low Volume Low Volume Edition

Flea Market Fancy seedlings by Denyse Schmidt

Ok I think I was sleeping when the low volume craze swept through the quilt blog world.

This week the Refractatorium block needed a section of low volume fabric but I really struggled to find much in my existing stash.

This was all that I could find. And the pieces were no wider than 10 inches. 

In fact the grey Half Moon modern scissors and butterflies were from some layer cake scraps that Kristy was kind enough to send me earlier this year.

I went with the butterflies for the block in the end. They worked well.

I hope to get a chance to get to Spotlight before Tuesday and snap up some of the $1 flat fats - maybe some will be low volume. 

What about you? Have you got any recommendations for some 'go to' low volume prints?

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  1. The butterflies were a nice choice.
    I've definitely come around to the low volume trend. Good luck on your fabric hunt.

  2. Thanks to all who stopped by to see my Stash-abilities,,,,,

  3. I'm still catching up to the text print trend, so I can't help you much with low volume. Some of the pale blenders like Pearl Bracelets can work. Architectures has that nice topograph print too.

  4. I don't have heaps of low volume, but have started adding! I love my block :)

  5. Oooh, I love the butterflies with that block!

  6. The butterflies were a great choice, I'm not on board with low volume yet... :o)

  7. I was a little low on low volume too, until my recent great box of a gift.


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