Friday, 15 March 2013

The Chicken Run

Chicken Run. Great movie right? A clever spoof of one of my favourites - The Great Escape.

Well, after our chickens were attacked by dogs nearly three weeks ago, we decided to have our fencers, Tyler and his dad Alf, build a chicken run for them.

Our new backyard pool-style fence was just not going to be tall enough to keep our chooks in. Freckles had already flown up and perched on it. So Tyler suggested 6 foot high chicken wire.

Tyler and Alf had a bit of time as they were waiting on some raked fencing to be manufactured.   They knocked up an amazing chicken run in just one and a half days. I so admire folks who can build with their hands. Watching them drive the posts in and tension the wire was fascinating. 

Around our chicken house we already had a bit of an overgrown subtropical garden. It's not my style - I prefer native Australian plants - but it lends itself perfectly to a chicken yard with plenty of grass, leaves to forage in, dirt to scratch, shady mature trees and grasses to hide in.

The 5 non-hurt chickens were penned in the Chicken House for the 2 days whilst it was being built. When they were allowed out they seemed at bit miffed at first. But I expect that going from 5 acres to  a run 20m x 10m would be very hard to adjust to.

But we did have Tyler build two gates.

Front Gate - from the (soon-to-be pool style fenced) backyard to the run.

Back Gate - from the run to the rest of our property. In this way, once we get ourselves some dogs, the chickens will not have to pass through their yard to free range the rest of the property. We let the five out last Saturday to free range and opened the door for all seven on the Sunday but none of them wanted to leave the run. 

So it appears to have been a successful venture for all involved. Even though we still lock them into the  hen house at night, it is now not as essential as predators such as dogs and foxes cannot get into the yard. It also means that we can take a few weekend trips and know that the chickens are safe.

Silver MacGregor, Obama and Breanna hanging out behind the wire

Chicken Update

Breanna had the stitches in her neck out today. I think I counted seven all up. Her side wound has not closed sufficiently for the vet to take them out yet. So we will return next week for those. She is still a favourite patient at the vets.

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  1. Wonderful chicken run! I'm so glad your hens survived their ordeal.

    After a recent dog attack on our flock, my husband saved two of our hens by keeping their wounds sprayed with New Skin. We kept them in a small cage where their movements were confined and added antibiotics to their water. One of the hens was gravely injured, but now (about six monts later) one can't even tell she was injured except that she may never grow feathers in that area again. We'll just have to see.

    You're a great chicken mom! (So does that make you a hen mother or a mother hen?)

    1. I think i'll take either of those cute titles Debbie. What a great rescue story. Where did you access new skin and oral antibiotics?

  2. I just read about the dog attack - how scary! I'm glad to hear Breanna is starting to heal up. What an ordeal. I'm glad your fencers were able to come out and build a secure area for them. I bet it gives you peace of mind!

  3. Love that one of your chickens is named Obama! HAH!
    Hope the girls are healing quickly.

  4. Such a great movie! Hopefully your chooks will be safe now too.

  5. I'm glad the chickens are safer now! That's really scary!

  6. Here in Hungary, if I go with my chicken to the vet, he laughs himself to death. If something attackes them, they land in the pot... I mean, the chicken. But good to know, that somewhere else they have a chance to survive.

  7. What a beautiful property they have to enjoy. Thanks for linking up with The Clever Chicks this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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