Friday, 8 March 2013

Astor Manor Dresser Runner

So nice to finish my retro-fitted runner and have it ready for Autumn. This NEW side will match my Astor Manor quilt that I will break out now that we are in Autumn.

It has such lovely earthy tones to it. Yes ALL our internal walls are brick!

It has been this side up for ever-so-long. This was made with scraps leftover from the 'Hope' quilt plus a Moda Scrap bag.

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Chicken Update

Breanna has stitches in her neck and a drain to help drain the fluid build up

Both injured hens have been reunited with the flock in the NEW chicken yard. They have to go back to the vet for daily antibiotic injections but they are looking so much better. The vet is very pleased with their progress. And after Washington laid an egg in their yard they have told us to bring them back any time. They said it's been nice to treat something other than cats and dogs and having them free range out the back makes it feel 'very homely'.

Medical Update

Duncan is doing much better and has a barely noticeable gait when he walks but he is not back at full walking speed. He will return to school today. He has missed 8 days of school with this virus.

You can see the difference in appearance and movement in my right index finger

Me - The hand specialist does not think that tip of the palm spike is causing the stiffness, swelling, shine and sensitivity to my right index finger. He think I have developed what is called CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

It's been a week for googling medical diagnosis. This one is particularly nasty and the longer left untreated, the worse the results. Thankfully pain is not the main feature of my condition - but loss of movement/function is. So instead of going back to Brisbane to see another Specialist (Pain and Rehabilitation), I am going back to my GP to get a referral to see a Physiotherapist who can help me with restoring movement back to my finger.

I must say that since reading about the condition I have been massaging the skin to stimulate blood flow and also using it and moving it a lot more and it seems to have improved in both appearance and function. So I am hoping to make a recovery. Surgery usually makes the condition worse and since my little procedure on Feb 14th I must say that the symptoms got worse. Before then I could nearly straighten my finger. The palm spike tip is still in my finger but not causing pain at the site at all. 


  1. The runner looks beautiful on your sideboard. Glad the chickens, child and hand are improving too.

  2. Loving both sides of the runner - looks lovely!

    So glad D is back at school and the chickens improving. Good to finally have some answers about your finger too - hope the physio helps!!

  3. Ouch, poor you! Hope your finger gets better son, Fiona! Beautiful work on the table runner!


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