Friday, 1 March 2013

You Little Ripper!

February's block for 'And Sew On' was called 'You Little Ripper'. Which in Australian colloquial terms means "You winner". We also say "You little beauty". Aren't we a funny bunch?

As always Kristy's block was easy to put together. I found selecting fabrics harder than anything as I wanted to tie it into my 'Measure Twice' block. I also wanted to make the detail on the seams ripper stand out by using a solid.

The only tricky bit was lining up the vertical seams on the patchwork and the seam ripper bottom to the top.

Linking up to the Feb list at Quiet Play.

The new March design called "Spooling Around" should be out any day now.


  1. Nice! Love that seam ripper. Very precise paper piecing. I think I'm starting to get the bug...!

  2. Looking good! Love both your blocks together :)

  3. You gals are so tricky with that paper piecing business! Gorgeous!

  4. Nice work! Kirsty does great work!

  5. Love your blocks... I'm looking forward to playing with thread this month!


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