Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Scrappy but Happy

I really wanted to try some charming stars for the back of my 'Hope' tall boy runner but I find that I have lots of smaller scraps rather than charm squares left. I would rather use them up than cut into the larger pieces I have left over.

I also have long strips from where the Astor Manor quilt back was trimmed before binding. I wonder if I can use some of them.

Do you ever do that? Try and use up scraps rather than freshly cut fabric?

This Week's  Sewing  Stats

Completed projects  -  "You Little Ripper!" paper pieced block for Feb
                                         2 Hen Saddles for the chickens

Currently in progress -  Dresser Runner (back)
                                        - Tall Boy Runner (top complete)
Yet to start  -  'Spooling Around' paper pieced block
                          'Sliced Scrappy' block for QCA Bee #1
                          'Sew Mid Century' paper pieced block for Wombat Stew
                          Lorax Quilt
Medical Updates

I am off to see a Hand and Arm specialist in Brisbane later today. My GP is worried that my swollen index finger (my sewing one!) is not looking good after 6 weeks. I may have to be admitted to hospital, or in for day surgery so I have packed for any eventuality.

Duncan is still not walking properly and the GP gave him the rest of the week off from school, so I am taking him with me. We will stay with my parents and maybe I can get some sewing done with my mum.

Chicken Update

I will miss seeing the chickens come home later tonight when Frances, Tristan and Dean pick them up from the vets. Breanna had to have surgery to close both of her wounds yesterday but she is recovering well. She and Washington have been particular favourites of the receptionist. She chuckles when she tells me that they are free-ranging in the small yard at the back of the surgery.

I have made them some little capes/hen saddles/hen savers to cover their wounds and missing feathers. I don't want the rest of our flock pecking at them during their recovery. The fabric comes from Noumea and Gemma, of Pretty Bobbins, gave it to me when we visited last year. Isn't it going to make the girls look groovy? Late last night Dean and I test drove it on Bluey to see if it needed adjusting - thankfully it fit perfectly. I will share a tutorial later on how to make these.

Kristy will be kindly linking me up to WiP Wednesday later on today. Thanks Kristy.


  1. Love the idea of matching up the scraps if you can - especially if they are close to the right size.

    Hope the chickens and Duncan are mending nicely!

  2. Oh man, I hope your finger is good as new soon :-( Thanks for stopping by WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

  3. Oh my, I really hope your finger will be well soon. I'd totally forgotten about it, especially with the Duncan and chicken news. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way, all of you!

  4. The finger issue doesn't sound fabulous!??! The chickens on the other hand (tish-boom) will be Super Fabulous!


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