Friday, 29 March 2013

A Spool Can't be Spooled Again

A few things have gone missing around here lately. 

  • One of my daughter's school tunics, (found in her dress up box- Phew!)
  • My wedding and engagement rings (I know that I put them in a safe place when my finger started to swell up but I can't remember where), (found in my glasses case in my drawer and now on their way to Sydney to be cleaned and back-filled behind the diamonds to prevent dermatitis).
  • The Tooth Fairy who has not replaced Tristan's two front teeth with any coins.
  • And little visiting fingers have unravelled my bobbin and my Aurifil spool these past two weekends. Now the small thread holder is missing. Lucky I have two large spare ones.

Anyway the good news is, that after many hours of finicky piecing, I have finished block three in the 'And Sew On' Block of the Month two days before March ends!

Kristy's patterns come together so easily. She will be releasing the April block anyday on her Etsy store. It will be FREE for the month of April only. I hear it goes 'snip, snip'. 

Here are my three blocks so far...

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  1. Oh I hope the missing things turn up soon! So frustrating isn't it!

    Your And Sew On BoM blocks are coming along beautifully!

  2. Oh bother! Hope they turn up soon! And great blocks - they look really good together!

  3. Oh dear, it sounds like there's a black hole at your place! Hopefully the missing items are all keeping each other company!

  4. Oh no... your rings? Yikes.

    Love your blocks! March's block was a real challenge for me... I hope I was just having an off day.

  5. The blocks look fabulous! And hopefully everything that is missing turns up again - I know that I often put things in a "safe place" and then can never remember where that actually was.

  6. your And Sew On blocks look so great!! I love seeing them altogether!!


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