Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Stash #55

Scrap Love

The QCA Bee that I am in has this lovely practice of sending a bunch of scraps along with your blocks.

These are some treats that were sent to me by Kristy of Quiet Play.

And these are from Gemma of Pretty Bobbins.

Gemma is hosting the Sunday Stash Linky Party today, so please pop over to her blog and give her some encouraging comments, and perhaps link up as well.

What is Sunday Stash?

Essentially it is a weekly linky party where you can show off your latest purchases, swaps, thrifts, gifts and wins that are sewing related. You can find more info here.

You can feature fabric, notions, books and patterns.

It has been open to other bloggers for almost a year (May 2012) when I got a bit sick of just my own company each Sunday. It is not a huge linky party, I think the most we've had link up with 13 folks in 2013. Nothing compared to the WiP Linky and Clever Chicks Linky that stretches on for pages and pages. 

I like things to grow organically (a bit like my followers list) and so I don't really go all out to promote Sunday Stash. I do have give-aways every now and then for linking up. The last one was in February and I will be having one in May when SS Linky turns 1.

I would like to see other blogs grow by hosting Sunday Stash though. It can bring new folks to your blog that might not necessarily pop by or even know that you are out there.

Hosting Sunday Stash

Thank you to Kristy, Melissa and Audrey who have signed up to host Sunday Stash later in the year. I appreciate the support. There are still another 3 spots available so please add your name to the link below if you would like to host in late 2013.

Sew Retro Give Away

Thank you for all who entered the Sew Retro Pattern Give Away in the past week. This was in conjuction with Quilting Bloggers. I didn't make following my blog a requirement but I think my followers list grew by about 8 lovely people. That's nice. It means that they must have found something a bit more interesting to stick around for in the future. Thank you to those folks and the 170 other regulars who follow along.

Book Suggestions

I know that the other girls in Wombat Stew have been visiting to read some of the great suggestions for our Book Club titles. A couple of you suggested books that I have read already or  plan to read. It's nice for us non-fiction booky types to feel connected.

I am still reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Attwood and it is getting easier to read - provided that I read earlier in the day and not last thing before falling asleep. Who knows I may even like this book by the end!

The Winner

Mr Random has done his clever thing  and selected #42 Tammy from Tammy's Sew N Life. Please excuse me for not posting a pic of the number generator but I have a new laptop and it runs off Windows 8 and I cannot find my Menu, programs or even Notepad. (I Don;t think that I even have a version of Microsoft Office installed yet!)

Congratulations. I will be in contact with you via email and then send your the PDF version of Kristy's great Sew Retro Pattern Bundle. Thank you to all the folks who entered the give away - may you have some luck in some of the other ones in blogland. I think I entered about 20 of them myself.

Enjoy your weekend. Ours is busy housing our closest friends and their 3 kids as they pack up, clean and move 4 hours away. 

Do stop by Pretty Bobbins and check out Sunday Stash.


  1. I would be interested in hosting Sunday Stash later in the year. I've never done a linky so could you direct me towards some computer linky savvy instructions? Email me and let me know. BTW, I linked up this week.

  2. Loving your scrappy extras from your Bee!! Great idea :)

  3. Scraps are the best! They are so fun to work with because they can be something that you never thought you'd buy or need for yourself. We need to organise a scrap swap!

  4. Oops, I did the Sunday stash wrong. I'm new at this. Can you delete my link and I'll try again next week. Thanks!

  5. I love scraps too! Yours are pretty.

  6. Thank you very much. I am so surprised I won. I have admired these patterns since I recently saw them. Oh I love scraps....It always seems liek other people have more of the types of fabric that I like than what I actually own. Have fun playing with them.

  7. Thanks so much for having me to host Sunday Stash! It looks like you have lots of interest for the rest of the year :) I hope the scraps appealed to you, I was thinking of your love of French general when I was selecting scraps :)


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