Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Snip it Good

Now Snip it...into shape...I am actually early to make April's 'And Sew On' paper piecing block. So I can post early to the Quiet Play collection finally.

This was a less complicated block than March's 'Spoolin' Around' block. I wanted to have a funky background and I found it in a vintage sheet fat quarter. 

I did detour from the pattern slightly when making the handles of the scissors. I hope Kristy does not mind. But I managed to cut the piecing by half.

I do wish that I had used a darker grey for the blades of the scissors now that I see it altogether.

But the four blocks look good together.

Sew Mid Century

Alyce's sideboard block arrived in the mail yesterday. She has used a clever brown fabric with what looks like coffee beans and also some text prints. She totally got the mid century colours brief.

And these three blocks look good together too.


  1. Love seeing your blocks altogether - they are looking fab! Well done on simplifying the piecing - nothing wrong with that! :)

    Can't wait to see how you put your MCM blocks together!

  2. Oh clever piecing!! I'm glad you like your blocks :)

  3. both sets of blocks look awesome together!!

  4. The blocks look fabulous together - really love the mid century modern ones too!

  5. All your blocks do look great together.

  6. I love the background of your snip it block. It's absolutely fantastic! And those blocks all look lovely together!

  7. Love these, especially the side board and the lamp.

  8. Heee - this post makes me smile. Our second daughter, Devon, was a championship swimmer, and the seed sheets always trunc'd her name to "Devo" :)

  9. The red was a great choice for the scissor handles, wish I'd gone that way! And I am now getting tempted to do some of the Sew Retro blocks too, those just look great!


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