Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Retro Tick Tock

Pattern by #Quiet Play

I planned to get my own Mid Century block done for Wombat Stew in March but I kind of ran out of days. I love the pattern that Kristy of Quiet Play came up with for the clock in her 'Sew Retro #1' paper pieced patterns.

I stuffed up the clock hands and it was going to be too hard to unpick, therefore I left it.

This Week's  Sewing  Stats

Completed projects  -  'Spooling Around' paper pieced block

Currently in progress -    'Sew Mid Century' paper pieced block for Wombat Stew
                                                   'Polaroid 9 Patch' Quilt top
Yet to start  -  Lorax Quilt top
                             Dr Seuss Quilt top
                             'Let's Party' paper pieced block for Gemma
                             'Snip it Good' pp block for 'And Sew On'
                             QCA Bee #1 block for April

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  1. Feel your pain on the clock hands, it will still look great though!

  2. I actually love the hands and was thinking just that when I saw them this afternoon :) great block Fiona and great theme!


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