Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Round Up

So much going on in April. Property and pet care has kept me very busy and away from the sewing machine for quilting projects. Nothing like the productivity of last April. 

Holidays - swimming in the cold, heated and spa, Armidale, Dorrigo and Coffs Harbour

Quilt Top - Polaroid 9 Patch. Blocks made by Quilt Club Australia Bee #1 members plus a couple of generous other bees - Waverlee and Christie.

Blocks - Dr Seuss, garden fence, party drinks, snip it good and retro clock.

Chooks - moulting, coming into lay, going off lay, convalescing and growing up.

Injuries - double bumble foot, nail injury and swelling.

Reptiles - tree snake, water dragons.

Harvest - limes, pecans, macadamias, lemons, avocados and leeks.

Books - It's been a good month for reading. You can read my reviews on GoodreadsWombat Stew Book club - Mao's Last Dancer


  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday during a busy month - Dorrigo is so pretty.

  2. Still a busy month, though. And not a bad one, discounting those injuries. The Polaroids are looking good!

  3. Love the polaroids and holiday pics.

  4. It's really lovely to read your round up from the other side of the world - what a lot you get done!


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