Friday, 3 May 2013

Bumble Foot Surgery Again

Washington is back at the vets. I took her in this morning as the oral antibiotics were not reducing the swelling in her right foot at all. I have been bathing both her feet in Epsom Salts and warm water everyday. Then afterwards I have been giving her an oral anitbiotic (not an easything to do with a chicken's beak!)  She has also started moulting so feathers are flying everywhere when I blow dry her legs and tummy.

This time I had Ian, the male vet, who looked after the girls when they were attacked by dogs. He was very clued up on her previous surgery and the condition known as Bumble Foot. I was very impressed with his background reading and his calm take charge attitude.

The scab under her right foot was lifting up and a secretion of fluid was coming out when he squeezed. He took a swab for analysis but suggested that the scab needed to come off with another surgery and for him to investigate the wound. I was in agreement.

Washington was held down gently by the vet nurse onher back. Looking so vulnerable but very very patient and calm. I am so proud of her. I can't imagine how painful this condition is for her and it seems to be growing worse and not better. 

So she had surgery at about 11am. At 3pm I took down a care package of grains, grit, fruit, cat food,  veterycin and a bag of sugar cane mulch for roosting upon.

The vet and nurse asked if I could also bring Breanna back down so that Washington could have company. The nurse also said that they love having the girls come and stay. Breanna is starting to look in better condition this week. (She may have even layed an egg but I can't be certain). Less scruffiness due to moult but I told them that she has lost a lot of weight. I can feel her breast cartilage sticking out. 

According to the vet and nurse Washington's surgery went well. She was under gas. Ian said that there was a LOT of pus and infection behind the plug, some of it was hardened. No wonder her foot was so swollen. He said that there was a lot of necrotic tissue to clear out but the stuff behind was a healthy pink. He took a little extra margin around so now the wound is quite large and deep. He has packed it with a poultice to draw out any remaining infection. He was researching pure honey as a packing agent too. I like this guy's willingness to find good solutions. Apparently pure honey is a natural antibiotic.

I miss my girls but the vet accomodation has a concrete floor and it is best to leave Wash there so that her feet do not get wet, muddy or dirty. There might not be any egg laying though. 


  1. Hope Washington feels better and her foot heals up without further incident. She'll probably be happy to have Breanna as company :)

  2. Just so you know, and from reading all your posts you have done a large amount of research. High protein diets in chickens and more so in roosters will cause gout that will present like bumble foot. What you have does look like bumble foot but next time might be worth keeping gout in mind


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