Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Basting Snapshot

I have spent a bit of time outside this week so sewing has had stiff competition as I take advantage of the glorious weather.

Today I had to sow, not sew, some rye grass before the drizzle started after midday. 

 As the drizzly weather set in, I came in to sew. Well not sew, but baste.

I am trying to baste the 'Polaroid 9 Patch' quilt on the dining room table and spray baste as well. I am not a big fan of the spray baste so I think I will add basting pins anyway.

This Week's  Sewing  Stats

Completed projects  - 'Polaroid 9 Patch' Quilt back 

Currently in progress -  'Polaroid 9 Patch' basting
                                                  Lorax Quilt top
                                                  Dr Seuss Quilt top
Yet to start  -    QCA Bee #1 block for May
                                 'And Sew On' May block

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