Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lining Things Up

Whenever I baste a quilt I am so conscious of the fact that my blocks edges and my pieced back edges have to line up. It is a nearly impossible task though and it eluded me yet again.

I think if I had the time and inclination I could have free motion quilted this Polaroid 9 Patch quilt and the lining up would not have mattered at all.

However I am still a huge fan of straight line quilting so I persevered knowing that it would not be perfect.

Next is on the list is trimming and binding.

This Week's  Sewing  Stats

Completed projects  - 'Polaroid 9 Patch' Quilt quilting 

Currently in progress -  'Polaroid 9 Patch' binding
                                                  Lorax Quilt top
                                                  Dr Seuss Quilt top
Yet to start  -    QCA Bee #1 block for May
                                 'And Sew On' May block

Fabric Give Away

Can I say that I am so humbled by the amount of people who have linked up to Sunday Stash #64 this week? I have never had 18 links (previous high record was 14), and I am staggered to have so many new folks join in.

If you would like to be in the draw for a 2x50cm cuts of fabric or a scrap bag, there is still over 3 days to link up.

Linking up to WiP Wednesday which I really missed last week.


  1. I love your Polaroid quilt, it is so cheery and fun!! Yay for setting new records!!

  2. such a fun quilt :-) I have been completely unsuccessful with pieced backs and lining up the quilting too - I try not to worry about it too much!

  3. I love that polaroid quilt top! I want one! Sorry I missed Sunday Stash last week!

  4. I love your quilt top, it's really fun and I love the colours.

  5. Perfect is over-rated, finished is much better! We are our own worst critic, relax, your polaroid quilt looks great!

  6. I love the idea of adding the polaroid camera block. This quilt is fabulous.

  7. I think the quilting looks great, regardless of lining up front to back, everytime I see this quilt, I want to make one soooo bad! :o)

  8. Great quilt! Love the Polaroid camera!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Polaroid quilt!

  10. Loving the Polaroid quilt - I think straight line quilting was a great choice for it!

  11. What a fun quilt! I love the Polaroid blocks.

  12. I love your quilt definitely an inspiration for my very own Polaroid quilt in the future.


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