Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Stash #60

Strawberry and Chocolate

What's not to like about a pink and brown together? Like a Strawberry Freddo right?

A while back I started collecting pink and brown fabrics to make my daughter a Strawberry and Chocolate quilt. 

Since then my mum, a prolific quilter, has been sewing Fran so many quilts that my idea has become redundant. 

But anyway, with so many good charity causes out there, this project may one day still get done. They did come in handy as table cloths recently - for my daughter's 5th party!

What about you? Any fabric collections lying dormant in your stash still?

Thank you to Kate from Kate Quilts who hosted Sunday Stash last week and for those who linked up.

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  1. I am presently making a strawberry and chocolate quilt! I am even using fabric named 'hot chocolate'! I love that first fabric- I have it in orange.

  2. Oh yes! I have several fabric lines that I bought for a specific purpose but they are still sitting in my fabric stash ... I will use them one day!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! I love her chicken cake!!!

  4. Gee thanks, now I really want some chocolate, lol!!

  5. I made some gorgeous bedroom stuff for a friend's daughter in chocolate and pink! Too cute!

  6. I have no idea what a Strawberry Freddo is, but now I want one! Brown and pink are divine together, I am sure you will find another use for the fabrics :-)

  7. They're very nice fabrics - I'm frequently unsure of brown but it's really great with that pink! I have so many 'planned quilts' sitting on a shelf. I tried to say this would be the year that I just finish them, but I keep adding more. As you'll see from today's linked-up post :)


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