Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tweaking the Family/Meals Room

Apart from the Kitchen this room is the MOST utilised. My kids watch tv and dvds, build cubbies, cut up small bits of paper, create LEGO structures and eat and drink.  (The kids helped to clean it all up though).

So here are the Before, During and After Photos
Even though I supervise quite well from the kitchen, they sure do know how to turn it from tidy to a mess in a very short amount of time. It's their gift. Some say it's their right.
The couches are actually chocolate brown but I am keeping the blue covers on for now. You would not believe the crumbs I find on these covers even though they are supposed to eat at the table.
I have given away the round IKEA table and some stools and chairs and brought the air hockey game in from the garage.
I have downsized the amount of LEGO as well. The rest is in storage. 
I have given away the orange shelves and drawers and donated a lot of craft supplies to the PreKindy. Even the board games have been culled.
My husband has given me permission to buy a NEW meals table when we move to our new house. He would like to see the back of this one but it has been with me since 1997 and I would like to give it a fresh coat of paint at the very least. 
meals table

It looks like a great Family and Meals room NOW but no doubt this room will be a mess again soon enough. 

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