Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lingering WiPs

I have had two quilts on my WiP list for a good many months this year. 

Today I actually made progress on both.

Katie Jump Kites
Basted - 56 blocks x 9 pins each = 504 pins

Mystery Quilt

I got out the leftover scraps from the weekend away and started piecing something together for the back of this quilt.

This Week's Stats

Completed projects  -  Sew Seasonal Mystery Project
                                           - QCA Bee block for November
Currently in progress - Mystery Quilt back 
                                               - - Katie Jump Kites - basted
Yet to start  - 4 Liberty Pillowcases 
                         - Wombat Stew sewing block for Kristy
On Hold projects   - Sherbert Dreams Quilt
                                      - Craftsy BOMs from June, August, September, October and November

Convergence Block

Queen Bee of the QCA Bee in November is Shirley and she asked for a Convergence block in black and white. It looks a LOT harder to make than it really is. I followed this tutorial from Quilt Jane. It was all done within an hour and posted off on Monday.

It feels good to make some progress finally.

source: Cindy Wiens

Selvedge Love

It's no secret that myself, Lara of Luellabella and Jane of Where Jane Creates, love selvedges. Jane has just had her article published in this month's edition of Australian Quilter's Companion magazine. It's a great article and features 3 selvedge artisans - Riel Nason of Quipspamsis Quilter, Cindy Wiens of Around the Block Designs and Elena of Quilts By Elena. I love Jane's introductory comments below.

And she threw in a few quotes and photos form Lara and I. We feel special. And we got a free copy! (we both were scratching our heads as to why this magazine had turned up at our respective houses that day - until we looked inside!)
There is my Selvedge Pouch and Zakka Style patchwork pencil case looking cheery on p.76. 

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  1. Your Katie Jump Kites is really beautiful, and I will have to look out for the mag to read all about the selvedges!

  2. We have the same rotary cutter! :) Looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  3. Your Katie Jump Kites quilt looks lovely.

  4. wow, lots of pretty projects! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  5. 500+ pins?! I don't even have that many... My knees ache in sympathy!!

    And woohoo for magazine famous-ness!! ;) BTW, I never knew the difference in selvedge/selvage spellings, as I'd seen it both ways and was confused which was right!

  6. I love the bird fabric on your convergence block!

  7. Congrats, Fiona! Your project look beautiful in print! On paper, I mean!


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