Friday, 23 November 2012

Lucky Girls ?

"Measure twice" Sewing Block for Kristy

This month, in the Wombat Stew, the Queen Wombat is Kristy from Quiet Play and she asked us to come up with a sewing related paper pieced block.

Concept sewing block for Kristy

This was my concept photo. Kristy was kind enough to turn it into a simple paper pieced pattern for me called "Measure Twice". We all know that golden rule!
A Quiet Play Sewing Room - Paper Pieced

I know that Kristy loves birds, Kate Spain, Sketch and Pearl Bracelets. But I was not sure about the colour scheme for the block. I spent a LOT of time auditioning the fabrics to match the fabulous "Sewing Room" block made by Kristy.

and Marieka's, from Bespoke Bites, version of Kristy's "Seam Ripper" block. I wonder what the other 4 wombats will come up with? Lucky Girls? Don't you love the final version of the ruler? I love the "quirky" factor that Japanese print fabrics throw into a block. 
fabrics for kristy

A Thought for the Turkeys

I hope the folks in the USA and Japan enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend. I heard a figure that some 250 000 000+ turkeys will be sold this week. That's nearly one turkey per person in the US! That's a mass genocide of the poor creatures. I think this cartoon I found on Pinterest sums it up well.

On a lighter note, head over to Blossom Heart Quilts to see Alyce's pattern test of a cute paper pieced turkey by Kristy.

And a gorgeous pattern for a mug rug by Amanda The Patchsmith. Amanda has so many gorgeous mug rug patterns popping up on her blog for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. She is soooooo productive and creative. 

All three of these ladies are Craftsy pattern designers. I have some talented blogging friends.

Linking up to TGIFF over at Sewing By Moonlight today.


  1. I love the block! You are so lovely putting such time in to make sure the fabrics were just right and went with the other blocks. You absolutely got it right!! Thank you, lovely girl!

  2. Cool stuff! Love those sewing themed blocks. What fun! And, I must admit, I was a participant in the turkey mass genocide. But it was delicious!


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