Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Great Pack Up - #1

The Bad News

We have just sold our house in Sydney last week. Sniff Sniff! It was a brand new home that we built in 2007 but never got to live in as we moved, to Tumut, before it was finished. It had so many great features that I wish I could have got to use. 

Alas,  I will never know how great the upstairs rumpus room would be for teenagers, the open plan kitchen/diner, family room 
with bi-fold doors out to an alfresco, 

twin shower heads in the huge ensuite shower, 

and MY hidden electricity sockets in the eaves for Christmas lights!

The Good News

But we are buying a house up here on the beautiful north coast of NSW. And it does NOT have a garage. So we are hiring a storage shed to use until we can build a shed of our own.
My husband did 4 trailer loads over the 2 days. 
So here are the before, during and after photos of the packing we started on the weekend. 

I discovered that some of the packing boxes were full of packing paper and some with only one or two things that went straight into the give-away boxes.

I am not sure where we will store our bicycles until we have a shed but at least there are verandahs.

These three photographs say it all. 

The new house will be ours in early December so I have to get cracking on the packing. 

Photos of our new house later. NB: It does not look like the house we sold but it has so many many special features.

Next year will be my DIY year I think.


  1. Oh so many lovely features in your Sydney house! However it'll be exciting to discover all the features in your new house!

    Well done on all that organising, packing and decluttering! Mammoth effort!

  2. Oh what a beautiful house the Sydney one is/was! I hope you enjoy your new house even more!! Having just moved here, you know I can appreciate a mammoth packing/moving effort ;)

  3. That house is LOVELY. How sad! But I'm sure you'll love your new home as well. Good luck with the packing! Don't get lost among all those boxes! :)

  4. dang, that looked like a fab house, i bet you make the next one even better :)

  5. Here's wishing you lots of energy for all that unpacking!


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