Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Stash #39

Mendocino and Far Far Away #1 Retro Buys

My favourite fabric designer is Heather Ross, but I came to quilting loooooong after she released fabulous fabric lines in the USA.  Heather has a very witty blog here.

Just recently I made an investment in retro-buying some of her Mendocino and Far Far Away #1 lines for my mermaid/unicorn-loving daughter.

I bought these in a SALE at Janey Mac Shop a few weeks back. Aren't they delightful? Heather always has a snippet of detail and a dash of whismy in her prints. It may be the expression on a character's face or a tiny beetle but it makes me smile.
Prints by Heather Ross

And now she has a her FIRST book out. It is called Prints and it has soooooo much in it! 
Not only can you make great sewing projects 
but there are over 20 cardstock prints included for making other crafty items. There is a CD included as well (I have not tried this out yet).
She also teaches you how to design your own fabric using a computer.
You can order her fabric prints from Spoonflower too...and even change the colourways yourself.
Surfing for a Cause

If I lived in the USA I would definitely be buying tickets for this fantastic Heather Ross and Walden mini mal. 100% of ticket sales  raise money for those affected by Super Storm Sandy which battered the eastern seaboard of the US last week. Heather Ross is a downtown New Yorker. I have a soft spot for NY - been there twice (pre 9/11).

And I could really use a mermaid surfboard in my life!

Hosting Sunday Stash

 Next week Sunday Stash is off to Blossom Heart Quilts with Alyce. So please make sure you head over there to link up and say hello. 

I am trying to get together a schedule for Sunday Stash hosting in 2013. I only need 12 folks to host on the 3rd Sunday of the month (happy to increase this too). So please comment below if you are interested and even nominate a month or two if you feel inclined. I'v e had 2 nibbles so far.

Sunday Stash Link Up

Thank you to all the regulars and new folks linking up each week. I am learning about LOTS of different fabrics from you.


  1. So much pretty whimsy there Fiona! Fran is going to love it!

  2. Oooh pretty pretty Mendocino! Can't wait to see what you make for Little Miss with these!!

  3. Pretty! I'm a looser, nothing new in my stash. lol.

  4. Oooooh Mendocino. One collection that I love but don't have any of. Nice!

  5. So glad the fabric packs got to you safely. Thanks so much for featuring my wee shop and it was a delight to sell to you. Happy sewing
    Jane :)

  6. Email, if you would, and give me more details on what's involved in hosting the Sunday Stash....thanks! Beth Strand (

    1. I have emailed you Beth. Thanks for asking.


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