Monday, 26 November 2012

The Great Purge

The Great Purge continues. No, not like Stalin's. But moving house in less than a month has forced me to be ruthless with clutter and stuff that we don't use any more. I think it helps that my kids are all in school next year and that they have outgrown most of the toys and clothes from their early years.


Old newspapers I had been holding onto since 1997. I did photograph some of them though.

Sad old shoes, socks, singlets  and undies. Also t-shirts that were out of shape.

Old kid's artwork, kid's and LEGO magazines. 

Given Away


Usable clothing - some skirts, dresses and baby clothes still with tags.

Books, toys, puzzles, coat hangers.

Not only has it been a relief to offload these BUT it mean LESS moving on moving day. I am hoping to accumulate LESS stuff and MORE freedom. It's shameful and embarrassing how much I have compared to folks less well off. I can live without most of it. So can my family. 

Still yet to tackle the Master and Kid's closets . Scary.


  1. A good de-clutter is wonderful! We all really have too much 'stuff'!

  2. You are on fire! I hope the momentum continues for you!


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