Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bienvenue New Caledonia

Last Monday our first port of call was New Caledonia and our family was in for a special treat. While most of the other passengers had to join tour groups in Noumea - we had our own personal guide - Gemma of Pretty Bobbins and Suburban Adventures in Noumea. She was easy to spot from our balcony on the ship. I waved frantically. It is so nice to meet a blogging buddy in real life.
There was lots of greeting with a kiss on each cheek - tres French! A bit of sight-seeing. 
Then we stopped at a French Patisserie. I was happy to use my limited French to buy baguettes, croissants and pastries. "Je voudrais doux croissant s'il vous plait". Gemma speaks like a native with all the lovely colloquial phrases. It must be nice to be bilingual (actually she speaks Mandarin too!).
Then back to Gemma's house to meet her kids - time for my boys to hit the beach and for us girls to talk quilting. I got to see the Triangle Quilt, the I - Spy front and back, her Wombat Stew house block and a clever Advent Calendar

My husband got slightly lost - no map - getting dark - no phone - no English - and 2 kids. Luckily son #1 has better direction sense. Gemma and I were on our way out to find them by this stage. We met them coming up the hill.
Then once Gemma's husband returned from work he set about with the BBQ. There was wine, cheese, baguettes, salads and pastries. 
It was such a lovely visit but not long enough. Our husbands possibly talked more than we did!
It all ended too soon. Thanks Gemma.


  1. Love this story! So good to hear you had a great time! Tell your hubby that I'd get lost too... Maybe it's a male thing!? Haha

  2. Such a beautiful place to visit and so nice that you got to meet Gemma too!

  3. So glad you gals had a lovely time! Lots of lovely photos!

  4. What a great meet up! Those pastries alone look worth going to Noumea for!


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