Monday, 6 February 2012

Vintage Vices

I am not much of shopper (apart from online). I don't have many favourite stores (apart from IKEA and bookstores). I dislike grocery and clothes shopping. But I have one indulgence - the Op-Shop (Thrift Store). Not for clothes but for 2nd hand books, knitted toys and vintage crockery.

I was introduced to op-shopping by my lovely friend Marieka when she took me to an amazing store in the Barossa Valley town of Tununda. She also introduced me to a love of vintage sheets. 
Do you remember these kinds of patterns that used to adorn your bed back in the 70's and 80's? Well now they are much sought-after. Particularly the retro vintage ones. I love them.
You can even buy vintage sheet fat quarters online. These are some that I bought from an Esty store called Vintage Spoken Here. There is also Local Honey Crafts   Duckie House  Whimsie Dots
Imagine my delight, when a fellow quilter pointed me in the direction of the  'Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap' on an Australian blog called Green Tea and Red Nails.
My FQs so far
It is running this month of I signed up. Then I got out my vintage beauties and started ironing and then cutting them into 20x22" (Australian) Fat Quarters. It certainly helped to have a NEW blade in my rotary cutter!
Sheets still to cut.
Meal Plan Mondays

This is what's on our menu board this week. The stir fry was delicious - with carrots, cashews, zuchinni, onion, mushrooms and fresh corriander. The roast chicken from the weekend was held over until this week and I will do it in my benchtop mini-oven so as not to heat up the house. It has been horridly humid now that the rain has stopped and the sun is out.

For many rural and regional Queensland and New South Wales residents, the rain has not stopped and now they are inundated with flood waters again - some for the 3rd time in a year! The Qld towns of St George, Mitchell, Charleville, Roma, Cunnamulla and over the border, the NSW towns of Mungindi, Narrabri, Moree and Wee Waa. Some have been forced to evacuate under mandatory laws. This truely is the land of 'droughts and flooding rains'...and not much in between thanks to La Nina and El Nino.

The levee holds steady at Wee Waa in NSW on Feb 3rd 2012
but residents on properties have to construct their own and hope for the best
others can do nothing but watch the waters rise over theirs.
Flood waters engulf 80% of the Qld town of Mitchell on Feb 3rd 2012
and our wildlife is not spared either

On a lighter note....this is the adults home-made pizza from Sunday night. It has tomato paste, leftover beef and bean burrito mix, boconcini, mushroom and semi-dried tomatoes. It was tasty and full of texture.

How is your menu looking this week?


  1. We heard about the flooding! Please stay continue to stay safe.
    I think I recognize a few of those vintage '70 patterns.
    Have a yummy and wonderful week!

  2. oh yay! sheets look awesome! cant wait to see what you create with them :)is so sad to hear about the devastation from all the floods... so close to us and yet it seems so far away!

    hope you have a great week :) Kel x

    p.s - thanks for the link to your blog - ouldnt seem to find it on your profile...


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