Wednesday, 1 February 2012

'Little Girls' Quilt - Just in time

I used to work to deadlines in my BC (before children) life. As well as the teaching ones,  I also had University ones. Essays that had to be handed in after pulling very late nights. Some of those memories came back as I had to finish this quilt for my daughter's first day in Pre-Kindy this week. Even though I have been working on it pretty solidly for the past week, there was so much to 'get done' today.

I zig-zag stitched around the perimeter of the quilt and then cut off the excess backing and batting. It was a hot day, so I didn't want to have a lot of fabric in my lap....

or under the arm of my machine!

Then I chose a light pink cotton and a walking foot, I shadowed the ditch with my quilting. I managed to watch most of the 5th Season of 'The Wire'.

After dinner I had to choose a binding fabric from out of the 'Summer Song' Riley Blake range. Any of the prints would have worked but I chose the stripes. I wanted to cut on the bias to capitalise on the stripes staying vertical. I did not have a large pice of fabric, just under a yard, but then I remembered a MSQC tutorial on binding using only half a yard. I watched it a few times, before marking and sewing the 'tube'. 

I was getting tired by this point and the first result was out by about 1/4 inch, so I unpicked and restitched, until all the lines matched perfectly.
Then I cut along the straight lines with my fabric scissors...
I pressed in half until I had over 200" of binding (width 2 1/4")
Then sewed the binding to the front and then pressed it to the back and sewed again on the front 'in the ditch'. Did the little 'joining the ends' trick, for the first time, without consulting the tutorial.
I was horrified to find the clock face at 12:45am!

'Little Girls' Pre-Kindy quilt
Quilting detail
The back - using the left-over half-square triangles (HS)

The binding looks like retro lollies
I feel like I pulled an all-nighter. Now I am exhausted. But I got it done just in time and my little girl got to take it to Pre-Kindy.


  1. It looks beautiful! The binding is the perfect finishing touch. Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep tonight!

  2. It does look great. Well done. Deadlines certainly make it all happen don't they? Janine x


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