Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday Stash #1

My little girl has been sick at home all week...nothing serious, a snuffly nose, sneezes, cough and red eyes....but   long enough to make a serious hole in my sewing plans. No matter...we've actually had a lovely time together.

But there has been fabric! 

A few parcels of fabric I had ordered in January, started showing up at my local Post Office. With my 'Item for Collection' slip fresh from the letterbox, I would drive the 8Km, present it at the PO counter, and collect my mystery package. Rather than rip it open there (like Charlie Bucket with his Wonka Bar) I would transport it home to open reverently in a quiet moment when the kids were occupied. 

Now do you remember the great Fat Quarter Shop sponsored 'Blogger's Choice Bundle' competition run by Laura at Quokka Quilts last month? Well my FQS order had just enough room (and postage) to squeeze in this gorgeous fabric which was the starting point for my Bundle entry. And it is just as delicious as I imagined it would be.

Daisy Cottage Gray - small daisies
As a stand alone fabric it may not be much use to me in a quilt. However it might lend itself nicely to a small sewing project from #4 2012 Challenge to Myself.

County Fair - Denyse Schmidt

I think I have remarked before, in coming late to the party with quilting, that I have missed out on some gorgeous fabric ranges that have been released and now unavailable. My recent passion is for Denyse Schmidt designs. Hard to come by thesedays - especially this 2007 released line called 'County Fair' - featured in that gorgeous 'Small Plates' quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. But then, looking for Vintage Sheet fabric on Etsy, I came across a FQ bundle at Kristi's NY shop called eaudebean. And it arrived yesterday! Looking all scrumptious here in it's colour wash stack.

It is upholstery weight fabric and lovely to work with. I think it will lend itself nicely to some projects from #6 in my 2012 Challenge to Myself.

And good news! If you love Denyse Schmidt fabrics too. Free Spirit Fabrics are re-releasing her 'Flea Market Fancy' range again. So get yourself to the FQS and put your name down for notification...or make a reservation at Sew Lux Fabrics.

And shhhh! don't spread it too far...but Kristi has some more DS FQs in her shop too!

Extra Sweeteners

Some people are just thoughtful and generous aren't they?
In amongst my fabric arrivals this week, I received a few personal notes and some free sweeteners.

Mini Quilt Kit  - Rainbow Whirlygigs
Including pattern and precut fabric from Linda and Chrissy  from Sew Lux Fabrics

Applique Flowers

A little surprise thrown in by Beverley of Beverley's Designs when she sent me her QCA Feb Bee blocks.

Looking happy put together.


Then Kristi from eaudebean snuck in a few remnants with the Denyse Schmidt order. I am in love with the bottom print featuring 'Little Red' and the wolf.

Thanks to all you generous ladies for your extra sweeteners!

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